Two Exciting Jobs For Mathematicians

So, you majoring in mathematics or thinking of majoring in it and you are curious about some of the jobs that may be available to you once your degree is completed. This is a common concern especially in this day and age with the economy the way it is. For people who are not really familiar with how interesting and diverse a mathematics degree is they maybe surprised at the number of jobs actually available to someone with a math degree. When we work, no matter if it is in mathematics or another field we want a job that is interesting that we can go to every day and really love. Let’s take a look at some of the very interesting and somewhat cool jobs out there today in the mathematics field.

Pixar CharactersBy now we have all certainly seen some kind of Disney or Pixar movie in our life. Did you know however that a lot of animators that work for those companies have degrees in mathematics? Those animators basically produce images which give the illusion of movement. They use math and linear algebra in particular to make those images come to life. They do this obviously through advanced computer programs and other innovative ways that are available in these days of constant advances in technology.


Do you play computer games? Computer games have become one of the more popular videogame mediums in the past decade or so. With the increase in software companies making these games has come the need for more game designers. Computer game designers design everything from soup to nuts regarding a video game. They use math in order to map out the strategies of the game and also to contribute to the theory of the game as well. Is the game based on a point structure? If so this is just one way a math degree will help you as a video game designer.
Video Gaming
Hopefully this article gives you an insight into just two of the careers you could get involved in as a mathematician. Remember these are just two examples and there are many more out there that you will have available to you and it is all about picking a job that fits you the best.

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