Everyday Life Using Numbers?

Remember when we used to take math in school and sometimes we used to be frustrated by it? As we get older though we begin to realize that out of all the subjects we learned in school math might have been the most important. We see examples of different ways we use math in our everyday lives and the use of it and most of all the proper use of math plays a big role in our daily lives. Let’s take a look at some of those essential ways that math shapes the way we live, work, and play.

Calculating - BudgetingIf there is one essential that we need to know as far as our fiscal responsibility goes it is knowing how to balance our check book. We most certainly use the basic principles of mathematics in doing this. Although the balancing of a checkbook is not something we specifically might have gone over during our school days, what we learned there certainly translates into doing this on a daily basis. Think of the anger and frustration that can come from not knowing how to adequately manage our banking endeavors. Although most banks do this for you is always good to double check because in the end it is your money that we are talking about here.

In the workplace there are often many things per day that require some level of mathematical experience and know-how. You are likely not going to have to know how to dissect a worm at work, but the adding, subtracting, and multiplying of numbers is probably something you do if not on a daily basis if not certainly at least a couple times a week. In a business sense we use math to analyze bottom lines, discover trends in our business, and most of all detect ways where we can improve our processes. The managing the budgets is just one way for example where we use math and the importance of knowing how to manage a budget we are in charge of is certainly a vital part of working for any company.

Sure, you may not have liked your high school math teachers, but look at how much they taught you and how math relates to your everyday life. If there is anything you should pass on to the younger generations it is how mathematics and the fundamentals of it will likely be the most important thing they ever learn at school.

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