Multiply 20×20 – Easy Trick

With this trick, in just 5 minutes you will learn how to quickly multiply 20×20 in your head. You could easily multiply 2 numbers from 11 – 19, with no calculator.

(A) Example: 14 x 17


  • Remember the larger number of the two (17)
  • Add 17 from the second digit 4 (taken from 14): 17 + 4 = 21
  • Get the sum (21) and add a zero on the last (or multiply it by 10): 21 x 10 = 210
  • Multiply the second/last digit of the 2 numbers 4 (from 14) x 7 (from 17) = 28
  • Add 210 + 28 = 238

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Two Exciting Jobs For Mathematicians

So, you majoring in mathematics or thinking of majoring in it and you are curious about some of the jobs that may be available to you once your degree is completed. This is a common concern especially in this day and age with the economy the way it is. For people who are not really familiar with how interesting and diverse a mathematics degree is they maybe surprised at the number of jobs actually available to someone with a math degree. When we work, no matter if it is in mathematics or another field we want a job that is interesting that we can go to every day and really love. Let’s take a look at some of the very interesting and somewhat cool jobs out there today in the mathematics field.

Pixar CharactersBy now we have all certainly seen some kind of Disney or Pixar movie in our life. Did you know however that a lot of animators that work for those companies have degrees in mathematics? Those animators basically produce images which give the illusion of movement. They use math and linear algebra in particular to make those images come to life. They do this obviously through advanced computer programs and other innovative ways that are available in these days of constant advances in technology. Continue reading

Everyday Life Using Numbers?

Remember when we used to take math in school and sometimes we used to be frustrated by it? As we get older though we begin to realize that out of all the subjects we learned in school math might have been the most important. We see examples of different ways we use math in our everyday lives and the use of it and most of all the proper use of math plays a big role in our daily lives. Let’s take a look at some of those essential ways that math shapes the way we live, work, and play.

Calculating - BudgetingIf there is one essential that we need to know as far as our fiscal responsibility goes it is knowing how to balance our check book. We most certainly use the basic principles of mathematics in doing this. Although the balancing of a checkbook is not something we specifically might have gone over during our school days, what we learned there certainly translates into doing this on a daily basis. Think of the anger and frustration that can come from not knowing how to adequately manage our banking endeavors. Although most banks do this for you is always good to double check because in the end it is your money that we are talking about here. Continue reading