Brief Explanation on How Coffee Maker Works

For more than a hundred of years, making coffee was an easy process. Ground or roasted coffee beans are placed in a pan or pot and hot water is added, following an attachment of a lid or cover to start the brewing or infusion process. These pots are designed particularly to brew coffee, with a purpose of trapping the coffee grounds prior to coffee being poured. While others are designed that features wide bulge in the center of the pot that will catch the coffee grounds when coffee is being poured.

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There are many different types of coffee makers according to – drip coffee maker, espresso machine, french press coffee maker, and single-serve. Most often, the drip coffee maker are referred to as a coffee maker since most people have drip coffee makers and simply calling it coffee makers. Drip coffee machines are much easier to use, quick and more convenient since most are programmable. They can also have consistent brewing quality and also features keep-warm plate to keep the coffee hot or a thermal carafe that can store and keep coffee hot for hours.

Drip Coffee Maker Mainly Consist of:

  • Reservoir that holds the water
  • A special heating element
  • A small tube that leads from reservoir in to the heating element
  • Another tube that leads up to the reservoir’s base and connects water into drip area
  • And a showerhead

You can find the housing of the coffee maker’s electrical equipment at the bottom of the machine. This is where the heating element is found, and is mostly composed of aluminum extrusion that contains 2 parts: A tube through where water could flow and a resistive heating component.

Coffee Making Procedure:

Making Coffee with a Coffee MachineMaking that perfect cup of coffee using auto drip coffee machine is easy. Simply add coffee grounds into the machine’s filter and adding the right amount of water into the water reservoir. Normally you can find the markings in the water tank that tells you the right amount of water needed to be placed in the machine’s water tank.  After the above procedures are done, with the press of a few buttons the coffee maker will start its magic:

  1. After filling water in the reservoir, the water flows through the hole then in the aluminum tube in the heating component.
  2. Once the switch is turned on, its heating component will heat the aluminum tube and will bring the water into boiling. A great coffee maker will raise the water to the ideal temperature of 205°F / 96°C.
  3. Then the water produces bubbles due to boiling, these will rise up that goes into a tube.
  4. Then water flows up and goes in the drip area and from there, it will spread out in order for the drip to evenly go onto the coffee grounds.
  5. When water flows through the coffee grounds, this creates that tasty brewed coffee that we love and finishing the process into the carafe or pot.

With the demands of the consumers, hi-tech innovations of coffee makers with awesome features are now available in the market. After knowing the best drip coffee makers 2015 we found out that some coffee machines can now be programmed for up to 24 hours in advance. How cool is that? Also one coffee machine in their list was approved by the Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA). Most coffee machines have the capacity to brew 8-cups, 10-cups, 12-cups and 14-cups of coffee at 5 ounces for each cup. Better read some reviews to find out what’s in today’s coffee makers.

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